Friday, December 03, 2004

Lord, let your glory fall?

Following my last study project on The Sovereignty of God in Romans 9 I'm going to spend the next five months looking at the question of:

How to preach 2 Chronicles 1-7?

This combines my two major interests of the church/presence-of-God/temple with my interest in developing a Christian understanding and application of the Old Testament. The ideas isn't just to do something theoretical but to engage with the text and a way that results in life changing application to the life of the Christian. I've not looked much at 2 Chronicles before apart from doing a re-write on Matt Redman's Lord, let your glory fall a couple of years ago.

If anyone has any ideas, tips on useful sermons or study guides on 2 Chronicles that'd be much appreciated!

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  1. * my re-write is something like....

    When Moses heard your voice / His face was radiant
    He would not go alone / But only follow you
    And in the promised land / They built a house for you
    Your dwelling was with them / And so they praised your name

    You are good, you are good and your love endures
    You are good, you are good and your love endures today!

    We hear the promise of old / Dry bones restored to life
    When you will be our God / And we will be your sons
    We long for that great day / When you come to us
    We’ll live in your house / The lamb and his Redeemed

    You came and lived with us / Light in the darkness
    With wonders, works and words / Your grace was made known
    Then under darkened skies / Your glory was revealed
    The king upon his cross / The Saviour of the world

    Sent us into the world / In your Spirit’s power
    To speak the word of life / That all might know your name
    And with each new dawn / We long for your return
    When we will see your face / And your great name exalt