Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Devastation in South East Asia

This morning the reports say that nearly 70,000 are known to have died after the South East Asia Tsunami/Earthquake disaster, and the number keeps rising. No easy answers seem to fit in the light of such events. Here though are three articles by John Piper, on living in the light of the tragedies of this world.
Don't Waste Your Life (after the 2003 Iran Earthquake)
Humane Confidence vs. Destructive Doubt (after the 2004 Beslan tragedy)
Tsunami, Sovereignty & Mercy

Give to the South East Asia Disaster Appeal (via Tearfund)
Disasters Emergency Committee


  1. Ive been watching the news, they now estimate near 80,000 dead. This is really bad and needs lots of prayer. The film clips are devistating, it reminds us how lucky we really are to have spent xmas so well in our warm homes and loving families. Please spare a thought for them...

  2. That's the thing isn't it - I guess we take our safety for granted. On Christmas day we'd have said that all those spending Christmas on a Thailand beach would have been the fortunate ones while we remained in cold England.... I suppose we take life for granted all to easily.