Friday, November 12, 2004

I love the church!

Seriously, I do. Last night, after several months chewing it over, was my talk on Church at Reading CU. Strangely this is just the third of about 10 talks in two weeks which has the danger of me feeling lost in the middle of endless amazing opportunities to teach the Word of God to people. Anyhows, I think it went well I just hope I did justice to the material.

What about Church (Script PDF)
What about Church (Powerpoint HTM)

The next major project is two talks, again for Reading, on "God's Global Eden Project" from Psalm 67 and Matthew 8-9. This kind of develops the church theme further and explores God's purposes to gather people into his presence for his glory and our gladness.

And in the meantime just the small matter of a talk on Colossians 1 for Surrey CU. Last night, whilst I stood up to preach in Reading, Surrey held their first grill-a-christian event. Reports from Guildford suggest it was a good night with about a third of those present non-Christians. And rumours suggest heaven was celebrating afterwards. It was a joy to see the guys in Reading praying for those in Surrey, and also for Bournemouth whose mission week is next week. I love the way that God has landed a weak fool like me in this ministry. Amazed.

I also love the church! And we've pretty much got started at our new church now. Arborfield & Barkham Churches. Amazing little community of believers gathered around God's Word. As we commit ourselves for the foreseeable future to being part of God's story locally in Arborfield I'm sure that there will be many little stories to tell along the way. Leaving Wycliffe hasn't been easy but we feel a strong sense of calling to get stuck into ministry in the ol'Church of England long-term and to being part of this community.