Tuesday, November 16, 2004


You look alive today but
Are you going down the wrong road?
Though the views are electric
But the taste is bittersweet

When you’ve seen the sunrise
How could you ever prefer the night?
The silence calms the storms
But the air is full of fear

Heaven seeps through the curtains
There’s hope in these four walls
One day I’ll walk in freedom
There’s hope for this poor fool

(c) Dave Bish, November 16th 2004


  1. Matt here. Love that last verse/stanza. Good to see that you are still writing. Unfortunately I am not. :-(

  2. Things do change.... I don't write as much as I used to. Just occasionally...


    last century we lived alone
    without msn or the mobile phone

    we neaded little more
    than words typed on a door

    once the roads were clear
    more than once a year

  3. Hello, I am interested in hearing from others