Monday, October 04, 2004

“You’re Dave Bish”

Just been listening to some old tapes from when I did the amazing Relay programme back at the turn of the century! When the Matrix was new and Fight Club had already become the best film ever. Anyways, it reminded me of my first minutes at the first Relay conference when I walked down a corridor of the Severn Lodge, Quinta and was greeted with the words “You’re Dave Bish”, by a guy with the name Pod scrawled on his badge. My reply “Erm, Yeah,… and you are?”

The more I write online the more I reveal of myself. The more I preach the more people presume to know who I am but don’t actually know me at all. Last week I was preaching Titus to some Cell Leaders, explaining the way Titus was to minister with sound doctrine and sound lifestyle to model gospel living. I wondered how much people really see my life. How much do I invest everything in the work I’m doing? Am I a mere professional some of the time? Do people see my faults and my gifts? Do they see my failings and my successes, and how I deal with both of those kinds of situations.

I might spend every day doing gospel ministry but it cannot be mere professional ministry. Gospel work is about God and it is about people. Being detached can’t really be an option. It hurts more to give everything, but who ever said it wouldn’t?


  1. Interesting thought (incidentally, I know Pod). Do you feel that people classify you into a box because of what you've written on your site sometimes? "Oh, Dave Bish is a Westward-facing, triple-jumping mauve evangelical of the turnip-eating variety" etc... just something i'd considered when trying to explain to my parents who are Catholic that I - as a charismatic (Little C) evangelical - don't really like to think about denominations too much as otherwise I get put in a box before people get to know me.

    Do you sometimes feel as if you're a professional Christian? Occasionally just need to detach, get out there are do the stuff that God teaches us to through the Bible?


  2. Yeah I know what you mean Anonymous (who are you?). I used to worry about being boxed but the more I think about it I write true to my convictions which means I care less about what people make of me... but it is a bit of an odd one! Charismatic? Conservative? Piper-fan? Evangelical? Reformed? Biblical? Christian?

    Can often feel like a pro-Christian, purely cos it's my job to do Christian stuff.... easy to see that as something to take for granted rather than a massive blessing and priviledge, which is what it really is! Like you say, the response is to get out there and do the stuff.