Sunday, August 22, 2004

Debbie wins Silver!

Debbie Flood wins silver at the Olympics in the women's quadruple sculls. Debbie was a cell leader in the Christian Union when she was at Reading University,... this makes her the first Olympic medalist I've ever met. We knew she was set for rowing greatness then and now she's got it. (Has to be said I've not seen Debbie for at least a couple of years, but congratulations to her!)

"I'm a Christian and believe this is where God's put me."
(Debbie Flood, August 15th 2004)

Reported on BBC Sport Website

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  1. Come on everyone - this is Bish's blog and we can comment on it! :-)

    I think we did really well in the olympics, considering we are a realtively smally country. But I also think we often go in with the wrong attitude of 'it'd be nice to win'. If we went in with the attitude of 'I will win' I think it makes a big difference mentally.

    Anyway, that was a bit random...